Huitzilopochtli, (Hang Your Light High) on the Day of War

from by Errol Hem + Milky Way



[advance at sunrise]

Dawn is on the rise again
Eyes drawn to where horizons end
With thoughts of life and love and dread
March and fight till blood is shed
Offer proper sacrifice

"Oh gods on high, please hang your light"

Born to fall but apt to strike
Offer sacrifice

The acolytes march to pulse of a drum
Impulsive hunts for blood and fortune under colorful suns
Feel the rumble of thunderous clunks
Sulfur in lungs
Tumultuous, cluttered results summon the vultures to come
Hummingbirds flutter above a turquoise serpent slithering through a ball of feathers over firm soil surface from which a cactus rises
Tiger moths and butterflies dancing with in such magical enchantment we forget to keep our battle grips
You can’t be adequately savage for the pillaging when fascinated with and considerate of little things
A villain brings hope then a malicious sting
Whistling and picking strings to the kindling
The fiddle sings
And the brittle wings of lost souls flicker
Bitter and lingering similar to a long cold winter that just revisits and recurs
We live and learn or sit and burn
Drift to symbolically cylinder or sinister
Deficient nerve twitches build a symphony conditioned through vicious means of delivering misery
Simple extinguishing to conflict with the symmetry and disfigure infinity’s loop
Twisting consistently


Cyclical liturgy
Praise providers and protecters
Extend the stretch of steps aligned to find the epicenter of time and inception
Try it again when revival sets in to the essence in fresh skins

"Take the lessons through progression of the ages
The decibel reflections relay an unending cadence”


Pleasure and pain spinning sequentially aimless
Destiny: vacancy for all that was and will and is
Until it hits, participate with diligence

The river lifts over the dirt

"Now we sleep in the great sea, reborn to the Earth"

[calm after abysmal storm]


from Sacrificial, released November 14, 2014




Errol Hem East Moline, Illinois

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