Vishnu, granter of Moksha

from by Errol Hem + Milky Way



from Sacrificial, released November 14, 2014

Lost on a self-made linear timeline
Watching the days and the nights fly by
Try to re-wind the coil
Renounce the unrest
In cyclical steps, keeping count of the sunsets and the hope that the sunrise comes next, but decides not to leave us to the dark again
Not untied from the confines just yet
Must get to where the mind, soul and the heart ascend, but a stark descent retains grip
Tethered to a downward spiral
Bound to survival
Loud is the sound of reprisal and bitter the taste of the places the flames lick
Keeping track of the sunset recurring
Working at learning to undress the worry

"And though I find peace in the familiar fly by, I’m oh so lost in the linear timeline"

With a shell for the fear and the wisdom
Spherical systems in mirrored division
Spirit imprisoned
Serrated definition
Bladed disc spinning
Ill-fated repetition
And a mallet for challenge be held but staying compelled to see the broken rebuilt
Off balance
Waiting in filth for the lotus to open from an ocean of milk

A slow wilt for the ghosts and the guilt through a course of emotional tilts
Hand on the sword with a hold on the hilt tied with a white flag woven of silk
Throw a mixed message kept at the heart of a lie
Slice through a partial divide
Artfully fine lines scribed, fortified
Supply spiritual and carnal collides
Stars realign far as the eye can perceive
Such a vibrant scene
Ever-entwined with a timeless line of beliefs pried from the mind for relief
We get so lost trying to find release we get caught up in the “why?” and resign to grief
An abrupt halt called in this hide and seek

"Reinvest, rise and repeat"

"Be still
Receive the blessings of your curse”

Ride along as the rail goes ‘round
Put a stake in the ground
Sail till the sun stays down then sail on
Even when the vessel switches, brace for the change-off


"Walk alone in a bottomless hell
Hop along the convolution to the following shell
Open up to the total of light
Feel entirety wiring through the soul and the sight”

Dawn is on the rise again
Drawn to where the light ascends
Often scared of meeting ends
Lost and bared
In need of cleanse
Offer up a sacrifice of self or someone else’s right
Hubris only maximizes sheltered love of selfish plight

(Ground. Flesh. Sky)


The flat disc rotates, axis twists

"Each breath is a packaged gift"

Anxious for the last chance to advance and lift
(Alas, stick/Elastic) to the plan
Snap back to a shadowed glimpse of the world through a blackened tint
Capture the masochistic and sadist instincts attached to the sacrilege
The grasp of the phantom limb stays even after it’s passed to the wind
Everything keeps dancing within
Forever rehashed to the spin

Inception is the ending to an end




Errol Hem East Moline, Illinois

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