Jove​.​.​.​by the beard of Zeus

from by Errol Hem + Milky Way



[jovial voyager]

Lift the anchor, set a course for the vast blue
Cast views toward the rise of a bad moon
Passing through the grassroots of a past truth
Packed in like canned food
Singing ironclad tunes
Entitled hands move to collect and produce through disconnected minds and fruitful neglect of truth and respect
Steps to bloom and progress from a cesspool of selfishness
A beautiful mess

Frugal investments in bread and circus systems
Purchase victims and prisoners for expansion of the province
Hand to goddesses and gods in perfect prisms
Divert decisions of persons implanted in the process with fancy objects and promises of paradise
Staring through the solace of an optimistic pair of eyes
Conquer this and terrorize
Build monoliths at varied heights
Bury that awareness in accomplice to the parasite
Ominous flares of light tear through the night
Sharing a white-hot helping of bright empirical right
Prepared to smite so carry the plight
Cherish the time of your ensnarement as your bearing in life
Chariots glide across the cyan canopy
Challenge lifespan capacity with high-class hankerings for divine paths
Incite massive, violent oppression
Let them bypass to the sidetrack in silent discretion or maybe fight back?
Try that
The spirit can’t compete with the mechanical weaponized use of Earth’s elements
Pray for time lapse to steer the agony and strip the handle of desensitized truth and perched imminence

But sediments swept from structure systematically drift away
Roaming to settle as planter or hunter in a labyrinth of disarray

Render your worth”

Center the pressure
Consent to your curse
Set wild
Desperately flock
The exiled, rejected sentenced to rot

[downtrodden passenger]

And from the top, viewed as crops to collect
Posthumous or a probable threat

Domino effect for the obstacles set
Bottlenecktied to the bottom of exhausting extents
Oxidant, trenched homesteads so densely destructive
Constructed and deconstructed through low-empathy functions, messy assumptions and lumps in the gullet
Jump in the mud-pit for enough to hit the hunger in stomachs
Lift up the love or lift a means of inflicting harm
Picture-perfect pieces to perceive and then disregard like an empty jar cracked and stripped
Unable to keep a lid on
But living on and giving all
Swim in rhythm and sing songs
Strings drawn tightly
The loose ends frayed
They meet but the fringes won’t connect
Too engaged in human endgames
Thread strained and split into thinning fibers
Vining and winding separated
Still rooted in the same stitch
The brain winces with the havoc of pretty fires that wire through the night
Climbing through the isolation

On a labor-intensive journey
In a hurry to hit the hay
Still we keep chasing this precious purging through the valleys of disarray


"Enclaves unite!"

Pompey, beyond great, is on his way to fight tonight
So noble, righteous
Spine dipped in gold
The social divides live inside, etched in stone


Lift the linen from the source of disharmony to trace trails along the course of dichotomy

"Here’s a canoe
Here’s a warship for conquering”

We worship the slaughter and the honor of the armor’s gleam
Dissected arteries and scars that can be seen
Polished weaponry to carve and eat at hardening degrees
It’s hard to see the garden for the leaves in the solemn breeze
Bartering that solace and relief for some altered scenes

The collared dream strung up and hung from the highest branch on the oak tree
And as the acorns drop and sow seeds of loss and love, watch as the foliage floats free
Evoking a memory, childlike in density
Measuring senseless encroaching
A chain-linked sense of neglect dangling at the end of a rope swing

Scaling the pendulum up to the origin point
The shifts decrease until release from the worry of choice

Scaling the pendulum up


from Sacrificial, released November 14, 2014




Errol Hem East Moline, Illinois

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