Enlil (Prologue​/​pulling weeds, planting seeds)

from by Errol Hem + Milky Way




{voices lifting together}
"laudare provisoris
laudare protector
largiente prosperabitur
unum simus
cum omnibus”

[keepers of the land]

Born of the great sea, flat disc surrounding
Cast away
Trapped but advancing past the grasp of the boundaries
Gathered shoutings and offerings to the forces sustaining mortal exchangings and provision of an adequate bounty

"Sprout the pastures abound
Scatter some flowers
Seed the ground to eat
Devour these and scour the outer reaches of mountain scenes”

Bound to the lead of a power unseen
Keeping a solemn plea to follow atrocity with comradery
A father odyssey foreshadowing the ominous anomaly of freedom-flavored congregated conquering
Wrought with debauchery and colony philosophies to wash clean the An-Ki and push us into obsolete
We’ve all foreseen it in the dancing flames
Cyclical enchanted maze
Expand and break until man can emancipate from the savage phase fastened to the format
The devil has come on horseback to hand out a tragic fate

We gravitate toward a disastral plain that can’t be tamed, maimed or explained in any package way
A balanced place/chance to escape or embrace hate and retaliate after the fact of that which awaits
A panicked state
Famine laced with sadness, disgrace and batches of blanketed bait

Deactivate/reanimate the land
Calibrate and take to fabricate
Create with lacerating hands

Scrape at gravel, grass and sand in search of soil
Turn and toil at it and try to revert the spoiled
Grasp the animal and learn to immerse in loyal
Serve to harness growth and work to reverse the coils
Lay the line down
Divide out the sides
Days and nights collide and the mind clouds with time
Tightly bound
Tied down to an unwinding route

"Dig these lying eyes out when they decide to bow to blinding doubt

"And take these hands if they cease to keep exerting"

"(They) tame these lands
See the scenery converting”

Now decorate the flesh in pigments of war for peace for more grief or sublimity

A reach for infinity falling short
A harsh retort
But this is not about the care that’s taken
Everyone who wears the paint is bound to see the arrows break
Let us bare to a feral state
Stare and wait
Serenade the spirits
May they favor us with heroes’ fates
Cherish and praise the air and the rain, tear and the flame, the fear, the grave

[the plains erupt in battle]

We can hear the blades mirroring pain
Sheering away at each other for something merely in vain
Sustaining the savage instincts mixed in with the connectedness
Emphasis on love in a place it’s evident that hell exists
A yellow tint smeared across weathered cheeks
A sense of peace with endings
Set to wage till breath has ceased
A desperate plea lands on numbed senses while a silver tongue’s shimmer can attract the glance of every beast

"Who are we?
Where are where?
How did we get here?

Is there purpose or only urges?

Who are we?
Where are we?
How did we get here?

Is this purpose or disservice?”

[a last till]

"Burn this surface and let it rise to the sky along a vapor trail
Submerge into the current and let it sink to the bottom on an anchor’s tail”

Cursed with (_______)

The water cleanses then veridian takes the place of the remaining rage
Save it for a rainy day commodity
Keep it tucked away within the makings of our progeny

"But maybe I can still get the garden to grow"


from Sacrificial, released November 14, 2014




Errol Hem East Moline, Illinois

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